Homes with Traditional Area Carpets

are carpetsWhen inserting traditional area carpet into your decor, the way they blend with your chic is as significant as their size. Traditional carpets are ones that have old world or Persian themes. Traditional carpets have an outline print that incorporates floral, center medallion, geometric, or repeated design on the inner part. There are a lot of choices to pick from that you may get woozy with all the fine points that you must consider. area rugs 2

When you like a traditional carpet, it most likely doesn’t make a difference what the design, shade or size it is. For this scenario, make your purchase sensibly as a venture, then make a room with it. When you require an area carpet and need an asset that will compliment your house, then there are a couple of supportive steps you can settle on to narrow down your decisions.


area-carpetsThe size of the central area carpet relies on your room measurements and location of your furniture. The color choices in a traditional carpet have main and secondary colors that will augment your established decoration. The carpet’s pattern may be meek or detailed, so make sure you choose a carpet design that blends with room’s atmosphere.

Area-RugsGenerally a huge central area carpet defines the tone for the furniture that touches it. For instance, a pleasant seating area would incorporate a couch, 2-3 seats, and a low-center table in an L or a U shape. Note that, the open side of your setup may face the garden, the fireplace or an artwork that you consider showcasing. The most flexible principal area carpet size is 8 by 10, so begin there and modify the fit for your condition.

imagesTraditional luxury carpets’ colors generally have a main background shade that’ll help you choose what works well in the room. Navy backgrounds with numerous design colors will blend with neutral outfitting and adjacent fittings that pick-up the extra colors in the carpet. Alternately, a bright background with a principal design color will fit various room shades. The predominant pattern color in the rug is highlighted by a furniture item or decorations, for example, art, window treatment, or pillows. Here is the point where a color-wheel can help you settle on complimentary color choices.

are carpets2

A traditional carpet pattern will put forth a big expression in the room. Be mindful of what flowery repetitive, linear or central designs would feel like once the carpet covering is used in your situation. If the furniture is neutral in color, then an elaborate design will do well. You can play around with accessories that pick-up other carpet colors. nuLOOM-Posh-Ivory-Shag-Rug-P14959672

A decoration or simple design pattern won’t delay the tone of the room if the furnishings, artwork, and accessories are your room’s focus. Walk into the room and notice your first point of attraction. Is it the painting with numerous colors, or the view of your floral garden? Assuming this is the case, simple is the best. Or does your eye move around looking for the best place to focus? At that point a patterned carpet will increase attention as a focal point.

Area Rugs Decoration

Area rugs are versatile, functional and fashionable. They are not just something to decorate your home, they have a practical purpose as well. They can:

  • Be used to create the visual impression of having several separated areas within a room
  • Make a room appear warmer
  • Add color to a tile or hardwood floor
  • Be a link between two rooms

And many more. Decorating a home with area rugs may be done in order to achieve something other than adding a nice design to the floor.

Because of this wide range of different roles, area rugs can be found in all kinds of colors, shapes, sizes and textures. Your decorative flair will be expressed, don’t worry; no matter how extravagant your tastes are, the rug you’re looking for is somewhere out there.

Moving your furniture will probably be necessary if you want to use a large area rug; other than that, there’s no installation process. The material of the area rug and its usage are the two main factors that determine how much care it needs in order to maintain its beauty.

When you’re choosing an area rug to decorate your home, what matters the most are your personal preferences, and therefore it doesn’t really make sense for us to give you a very specific set of rules to determine what kind of area rug you should pick. With that said, here are some basic guidelines that you may find useful:


1) Size of the Area Rug

  • For a room size area rug: leave a border on all sides of 18″ – 24″
  • For a dining room: 4′ wider and longer than the table, so chairs don’t fall off the rug when they are moved
  • For a hallway: 18″ – 24″ shorter and 2″ – 4″ narrower than the hallway

The size of other area rugs varies, depending on the needs of each particular area.

2) Design of the Area Rug


Using patterns that use colors that are present in the same room usually gives a fresh and coordinated look.

Remember that you don’t have to use the traditional square or rectangular rugs; you can also use round and oval shapes if you think that they look better in a particular room.

3) Wear

It is good to take into consideration exposure to spill, traffic patterns and other factors before purchasing an area rug.

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Rug For Your Home

Outdoor rugs can be quite ideal for your homes outside and indoor spaces. One of their main advantages is the fact that they tend to be more affordable than their indoor counterparts. In addition, they are specially designed to withstand the elements, which make them highly durable and stain resistant. By choosing the right outdoor rug, you will get a good looking item and still make some significant savings.

The following are some of the factors that you should consider before purchasing an outdoor rug:


Before you choose an outdoor rug, it’s important that you determine where it’s going to be placed. There are a variety of options for outdoor rugs, both indoors and out. They can work on the deck, lanai, porch, patio or even gazebo. In addition, you should keep in mind that an outdoor rug is a good for indoor areas with high traffic because of the stain resistant features and durability. You can use them in your hallway, under the kitchen table or mudroom.

outdoor rugs

Size and shape

imagesAfter you have determined where you will place your outdoor rug, the next step will be deciding how it’s used and the appropriate size. If you intend to use it under your dining room table, you’ll have to make sure that the table and chairs can comfortably on the rug, regardless of whether people are sitting on them or not. The chair legs should not slide off the rug when they are pulled back and in use. You must also ensure that the front legs of each piece of furniture fit well on the rug.

Outdoor rugs come in different shapes and sizes just like indoor rugs. For instance, a circular rug can work particularly well under a circular dining table and even add an interesting look to the space, unlike rectangular or octagonal rugs that will most likely result in an awkward look. For those who have a decorative bone in their body, choosing a differently shaped rug is clear way of showing off their skills without taking a big gamble.

Color and pattern

The color and pattern of your rug will depend on your decorative preferences. If you want it to be the focal point of the space it’s being placed in, you should choose a rug that is brightly colored and has unique patterns. This will definitely make it stand out. However, any color you choose should complement the furniture to create a synchronized look.

There are several outdoor rugs available for those who prefer a more reserved look. They are made out of natural materials such as sisal and jute. These rugs are attractive and have a neutral color. They can complement any setting by creating a nice backdrop for your space. In case you want the rug to be placed in a small space, try choosing a neutral color that will make the area appear bigger.

The versatility of outdoor rugs makes them the perfect choice for outdoor and indoor spaces. Their resistant features, high durability and affordable prices make them great for everyone.

Clean your Rug with the Professionals

How long have you had your rug? It could be just a number of years, or maybe it has been in your family line for decades. Either way, the rug is of sentimental value in the house. It is the focal point of the room which ensures that all the other elements blend seamlessly. It is a magnificent work of art that can serve you for ages if maintained properly. Cleaning your rug is not something you do every other month. In fact, many people still can’t decide how often a rug should be cleaned.

Fortunately, your rug will not wear you out with a load of maintenance tasks. With just a bit of care, you’re good to go. It is advisable to clean your rug at least every 3 to 5 years. This periodic cleaning rids the rug of all the dirt that has accumulated over the years and protects the pile from damage. In addition, it restores the vitality of its colors making it that stunning work of art that adds life to your house.

rug cleaning

The task of cleaning a rug is not one that can be carried out by anybody. We advice that you contract a professional to do the job so that you can preserve its quality and splendor. Remember your rug takes a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. As its stepped on, dirt and other particles from the feet and shoes get trapped at the base of the pile. With even more foot traffic, the dirt is rubbed against the pile of the rug causing wear and tear. If you leave the dirt and grit there for long, it gradually tears the pile until it’s completely damaged. Make sure you engage the experts to provide a high powered dust-removal job that gets rid of all these particles.

rug cleaning2After the loose particles have been removed, the rug should be sprayed to slacken the stains and dirt that was already stuck. Here the concentration is on the fibers of the rug, which should be left soft and elastic. The rug is scrubbed and shampooed, bringing out the vibrant colors. We would advise you to use a pH-Balanced Oriental Rug Shampoo plus state of the art equipment that is certified by the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute). Such a thorough cleaning will remove all traces of dirt, spills, pet dander, soiling and any other stains.

Finally, the rug is rinsed with hot water then taken through an exhaustive water extraction. There are many other services that can be provided for your rug other than cleaning. They include urine removal, stain protection, moth treatment, fringe brightening and extra deodorizing. Speak to your cleaning expert and see what more can be done to your rug.

Drying is carried out in an insulated room whose humidity is controlled. If it’s not being cleaned in your home, make sure it’s being taken to a professional facility where it’s insured against incidences such as fire or theft.

Your precious rug deserves the best care. We are aware that a rug can be sentimental, making an attempt to substitute it very difficult. Do not gamble with your beautiful rug’s care, contact the experts and get a professional cleaning.

Eco-Friendly Rug Pad Alternatives to PVC

Keeping your area rug safely in place is important, and you have many options to choose from today when it comes to rug pads. These not only provide extra cushion and comfort, but they anchor your rug to the floor – to ensure that it doesn’t slip out from underfoot. Yet, not all products are well-made, and there are many inferior choices on the market currently. In addition, you may prefer to use eco-friendly rug pads which are good for the planet, and also a healthy addition to your home. So, to help you understand the best type of rug pad for your particular needs, let’s look at a common problem of cheaper models, and the various materials you can choose from below.



Staining and Sticking

hardwood floor rug padsUnfortunately, while low-grade PVC rug pads may be the cheapest option, they also have a number of negative drawbacks. In an effort to cut costs during the manufacturing process, a cocktail of different noxious chemicals are often used to produce them. These can contain a variety of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be a health hazard for you and your family. How so?

Through what is known as off-gasing, these VOCs are slowly released from the pad and into the air inside your home. Clearly, this is less than ideal, as many of these dangerous chemicals have been shown to cause cancer or other health problems. While the levels of VOCs in these products may be within acceptable toxicity limits imposed by regulations, they are still higher than you are probably comfortable placing inside your home.

In addition, these chemicals can react with the finish on your hardwood floors, sometimes causing noticeable discoloration or staining. Glossy finishes are especially susceptible to damage, though any polyurethane, lacquer or acrylic finish could be at risk. Another issue is sticking, and as the PVC in the rug pad interacts with your floor’s finish, it can cause it to become tacky.

While these problems can occur at any time, your hardwood floor’s finish is more likely to be harmed if it’s not fully cured. Be sure to avoid using a rug pad of any kind for between one to three weeks after coating, and consider bypassing inferior PVC pads altogether.


Eco-friendly Pads

These are tremendous options, as they are good for the planet and often made from organic materials as well. If you are concerned about the environment and also the interior air quality of your home, then eco-friendly rug pads are the obvious choice. They also eliminate concerns about your hardwood’s finish being damaged, as they typically employ safe plant-based oils and special polymers which are nonreactive. Finally, they are odor-free and many types are available such as solid, cushion and felt options.

Felt Pads

If you want a rug pad that will keep your carpet in place and provide extra cushioning too, then a felt product is a good choice. They don’t tend to adhere to the floor as securely as other materials, so felt pads are recommended for larger area rugs. Why is this? Larger rugs don’t shift as easily, making it less important for them to be as firmly anchored. Other benefits are their lack of unpleasant odor, long-lasting durability and soft finish. Felt rug pads will reduce the wear on the flooring beneath, and can extend the life of your rug as well.


Natural Rubber Pads

In contrast, if you have a smaller area rug, then natural rubber rug pads are an excellent alternative. Rubber grips the floor solidly, even better than most PVC products available today. Yet, it is a natural item which holds up well for many years, though they are typically thinner and provide less padding. Finally, natural rubber pads are safe to use on your hardwoods, as they won’t corrode the finish.

Felt & Rubber Pads

These combination rug pads give you the benefits of each material, so you don’t have to sacrifice any advantages. In terms of anchoring your rug firmly to the floor, the rubber portion will adhere well to any slick surface. Yet, the felt content ensures that the rug has plenty of padding, and this can help your rug to last longer. Also, the felt top of the rug pad can prevent common problems, such as bunching or creeping.  Felt and natural rubber is a more eco-friendly rug pad compared to felt and synthetic latex.

However, the positive features of felt and rubber rug pads don’t stop there, as they have another useful characteristic. If you are looking for a way to safely place an area rug onto carpet, then rubber and felt combination pads are the ideal solution. In this configuration, you’ll want to turn the pad upside down, with the rubber side placed against the area rug. This will allow the felt side to face down, and felt will provide traction against your carpet’s fibers.

PVC Pads

PVCThis is the last material which is available to you, and PVC rug pads are notorious for their shoddy construction. While you will save money in the purchase price upfront, they may cost you more in the end. How so? If they end up damaging your hardwood floor’s finish, this will be far more expensive to fix than the higher cost of a better rug pad. Yet, they may also shorten the life of your area rug as well, which is another hidden expense.

However, these drawbacks aren’t the biggest concern, when it comes to using PVC rug pads in your home. As already discussed above, they can release VOCs into the air that you breathe. This is not only a health risk, but it isn’t eco-friendly either, making PVC pads a poor choice all around. For all of these reasons, when setting out to buy a solid rug pad, it is recommended that you avoid PVC options at all costs.

In conclusion, finding the perfect eco-friendly rug pad for your situation isn’t difficult, as you now know your available choices. It is best to look at your specific needs, as this will enable you to better determine if felt, rubber or a combination rug pad would be a good fit. Keep in mind, the larger the area rug, the less that grip is a factor. Instead, you may want a larger degree of cushioning, which will give your rug a plush feel. Yet, smaller rugs will need to be safely secured, and a rug pad with more grip is preferred in this case. Either way, eco-friendly rug pads are a safer and more durable option, making them the best choice to use in your home.

How to Choose The Right Rug For Your Home

It’s always exciting to decorate your own home, because you get to choose all the furniture, decors and appliances. Since your home is the place where you will spend a lot of time, you have to make it as comfortable as you can.


One amongst the most important items you will have to buy for your home is an area rug. It’s a good thing there are a lot of home depot stores that offer a variety of choices. A rug is an effective way of protecting your floors and adding a classy touch to your room. Basically, a rug offers an opportunity to add warmth & color to your home while also lifting that chill from the otherwise bare floor. A well placed rug in the right color and proportions will help in unifying any room. Many designers feel it is easier to choose fabrics to complement a rug rather than buying a rug to compliment your fabric. Therefore, when decorating your home, it’s always advisable to start with the rug. Here are tips on how to choose the best rug for your home.


Unique-Area-RugsDetermine where in your home you want to place the rug. Whether you are buying new furniture or just using your old one, knowing the size and location of your rug is extremely important. This will help solidify not only the size of the rug you need, but also what purpose it will serve. Take measurements of each piece of furniture and sketch each item on a paper where you expect it to go. If you are using what you already have, move this furniture into the right positions and take measurements using a tape measure. Take the dimensions to the store. This will prevent you from buying the wrong size.


Choose a color that matches the decor of the space the rug will occupy. If the rug is going into a room that is expensively furnished with antiques, choose an oriental rug that will accent the antiques. It often helps to take along samples of upholstery fabric, paint or even wallpaper when visiting the store. This will give you a better idea of what color is likely to complement your home décor.

The impact the rug will have in your room, will be determined by the size and color of your rug. If you desire a dramatic impact, go for bright colors and with bold lines. However, if all you want is a rug to add warmth to your home, then choose neutral colors with softer lines.


If you are looking for patterned rugs and not plains, it’s important that you make sure the rug design doesn’t compete with the wall décor and upholstery. A living room with wallpaper or upholstery featuring elaborate patterning will benefit from a rug with a more subtle style. However, if the existing décor is more on the subdued side, a bright or busy pattern can be very effective in adding a certain amount of interest to the space. If your rug is meant for a small room, go for small patterns, they make the room appear bigger. A large pattern will only make your room appear crowded.


Finally, determine what quality of the rug you want. The quality of the rug can be determined by whether it was hand dyed or hand stitched. Denser knots mean higher quality. Also consider the type fabric used, make sure it is convenient for you.